Friday, December 23, 2011

Endorsing Newt Ginrich for President in 2012 Republican Primary

By Jonathon Moseley

Here are some of the reasons that I endorse Newt Gingrich for President in the Republican primaries:

Only one candidate for President has actually blocked socialist medicine despite an overwhelming push by the entire nation's establishment:

Newt Gingrich, who blocked "Hillary Care" in the 1990's.

Only one candidate for President has actually signed socialist medicine into law:

Mitt Romney.

Only one candidate for President has actually reduced government:

Newt Gingrich.

Only one candidate for President has led the way in Republican politics.

Newt Gingirch. I am watching Mitt Romney on C-Span from New Hampshire right now, as Romney calls for an "Opportunity Society."

Who coined that phrase?

Newt Gingrich.

Where did Mitt Romney learn this concept from?

Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich was teaching the conservative movement as a leader and intellectual innovator 20 years ago, and ever since.

Only one candidate for President has actually led a Republican revolution, in the 1990's, when the GOP took over the US House for the first time in 40 years:

Newt Gingrich.

And unlike the last time the GOP took control a long time ago, this time the Republican take over has stuck. With a slight wrinkle, what Newt Gingrich built in the US House of Representatives has lasted and survived the test of time.

Newt Gingrich was already the Speaker of the House -- 3rd in line to be President in case of any emergency, if the President and Vice President were lost.

Newt Gingrich is not only a determined revolutionary for cutting government and increasing freedom but is a knowledgeable and experienced veteran capable of actually getting it done, not just talking about it.

One of the main reasons why conservatives "cave" in Washington is because
they don't know HOW to get things done..

Conservatives grind to a halt, and cave to the establishment, not because they lose their principles, but because they don't know how to fight and overcome the resistance of the D.C. establishment.

Newt Gingrich not only wants to reform America, but he knows how to actually beat the establishment and get his policies enacted.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Accuser of Christine O'Donnell LIED says official Complaint to D.C. Bar

Melanie Sloan, Christine O'Donnell attacker, faces Legal Ethics issues- bar complaint filed by Jonathon Moseley

The Freedomist is following the political hack attack attempted by Melanie Sloan (CREW uses Christine O'Donnell complaint as fundraiser- how lies, slander, and libel gets Melanie Sloan funded- Freedom News) and her progressive cronies (Man throws nephew under bus to attack Christine O'Donnell- The David Keegan Story) who seem to have some unnatural fear of Christine O'Donnell, the Delaware Tea Party Senate Candidate who upset the progressive Mike Castle in the GOP primary  (O'Donnell WINS!), only to see  the Delaware State GOP turn against her (Teaparty's Delaware Senate loss pinned on establishment GOP refusal to act- Tea Party News) to assure a progressive victory in the form of Chris Coons (now a proud progressive Senator from the progressive state of Delaware).  We stumbled upon this gem from a Virgina Website that outlines a bar complaint against the progressive Melanie Sloan (One down, one to go- FEC tosses out Christine O'Donnell complaint) for her attempt to use the FEC (Breaking Exclusive: Crew Director uses own Father to levy FEC charges against Christine O'Donnell- Tea Party News ) to silence any opponent to her Soros-funded progressive dream for America:
re: Frivolous Charges Against
Spreading Lies By David Keegan


Jonathon Moseley today filed an official complaint with the District of Columbia "Bar" asking that Melanie Sloan be disciplined or disbarred, responding to false charges brought against 2010 Delaware U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell from D.C. lawyer Melanie Sloan.

Jonathon Moseley commented:  "Melanie Sloan violated numerous D.C. Bar rules and committed perjury in her complaint (sworn to under 18 USC 1001) and in her false public statements about Christine O'Donnell. A lawyer may not make false statements in the course of representing a client, even in non-legal contexts. Here, Melanie Sloan's many false statements were clearly intended to cause governmental resources to be used in furtherance of her clients' private agenda. D.C. Bar rules require a lawyer to promptly inform authorities upon discovering that a previous complaint is false."

Proof that Melanie Sloan's accusations against Christine O'Donnell are false is chronicled in detail in Jon Moseley's Complaint. A copy of the Complaint against Melanie Sloan filed with the D.C. Bar on June 13, 2011, can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE (recommend using the right click button on the mouse and selecting "SAVE AS" option).

Jon Moseley's affidavit regarding admissions made to him by David Keegan can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE (recommend using the right click button on the mouse and selecting "SAVE AS" option).

Moseley further commented: "Melanie Sloan for her client Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington falsely claims that in 2009 Christine O'Donnell was not a candidate for office, thus questioning the legality of travel and meeting expenses charged to O'Donnell's campaign. However, Sloan knew or could easily have discovered that Christine O'Donnell filed her Statement of Candidacy for the 2010 election on March 20, 2009; told WDEL radio in Delaware on February 13, 2009 that she was putting together a campaign for the 2010 U.S. Senate election; purchased campaign software on January 8, 2009; and in December 2008 posted an ambiguous 'testing the water' encouragement to her supporters about possibly running in 2010. Melanie Sloan violated the rules of the D.C. Bar by calling Christine a criminal when Sloan knew or should have known that Christine was in fact legitimately preparing a U.S. Senate campaign as early as January 2009."

Jonathon Moseley further explained: "Melanie Sloan based her false statements and frivolous complaint on the affidavit of David Keegan. But David Keegan admits he left O'Donnell's campaign in August 2008. David Keegan loaned Christine O'Donnell's campaign $2,300 on July 25, 2008, which was paid back on August 1, 2008. Sloan claims to have interviewed Keegan extensively. Melanie Sloan admits in her own voice that Sloan's accusations concern 2009 and 2010 campaign spending. An attorney could not rationally believe that David Keegan who left in August 2008 could give Melanie Sloan a factual basis for accusations about 2009 and 2010 campaign expenses. During 2008, Christine O'Donnell had a professional accountant, Timothy Koch, an expert in campaign finance, supervising the 2008 campaign. Melanie Sloan should have known that David Keegan would not have loaned Christine's campaign $2,300 in July 2008 if Keegan saw financial irregularities before he left in mid-August 2008. Although Keegan claims he saw spending for meals or shopping in 2008, none of those expenses show up in the campaign's spending in 2008. Sloan should have known that the campaign never actually paid for the expenses that Keegan complains about, and Keegan doesn't know anything about 2009 or 2010."

Jon Moseley also explained: "Melanie Sloan also lied for her clients C.R.E.W. and Delaware voter Leonard Togman accusing Christine of living at 248 Presidential Drive, which Sloan claims was also the campaign headquarters (in paragraph 8 of Sloan's complaint - click here) . However, 248 Presidential Drive is the commercial office of Mid-Atlantic Realty. Nobody lives in Mid-Atlantic Realty's office space. Melanie Sloan obviously did not conduct any investigation into the truth of Sloan's accusations. As an attorney, Sloan knew that Christine's use as the campaign headquarter address as her 'legal residence' does not mean that is where Christine personally lives. If Sloan had investigated before swearing under 18 U.S.C. 1001, she would have known that Christine told the news media at least 18 days before Sloan filed C.R.E.W.'s September 20 complaint that Christine does not actually live at the address she publicly discloses as her 'legal residence.' A 'legal residence' is not a personal residence."

Moseley also commented: "David Keegan's accusations are all the more strange because Keegan was supposed to be raising money for Christine O'Donnell's 2008 U.S. Senate campaign. He complains extensively about the lack of money in the campaign, although Keegan was supposed to go out and raise the money that he complains O'Donnell's campaign lacked."

NO information learned from Christine O"Donnell, her legal team, campaign, or PAC is included, discussed or reflected in Moseley's Complaint or associated documents, except what was publicly and openly disclosed on or before September 20, 2010. To prove guilt by Melanie Sloan, only information that Melanie Sloan either knew or would have known if she had conducted the inquiry required of an attorney is used to establish violations by Sloan. Private information that Melanie Sloan could not have discovered on or before September 20, 2010, would not prove Melanie Sloan's violations of the D.C. Bar's Rules, except to the extent that Melanie Sloan's private interviews with her own witness David Keegan would have alerted Melanie Sloan that Melanie Sloan's claims and statements were then and are now false.

The Complaint against D.C. attorney Melanie Sloan alleges that (a) Sloan made false statements in the course of representing a client in violation of the D.C. Bar's Rule 4.1(a), Rule 3.3(a)(1), Rule 3.3(a)(4) (amplified by Rule 3.9), and Rule 8.4(c), and (b) Melanie Sloan filed frivolous complaints lacking in merit, that is based upon allegations that Melanie Sloan knew to be false in violation of the D.C. Bar's Rule 3.1, Rule 3.3(a)(2), and Rule 8.4(c), and (c) Sloan threatened and sought criminal prosecution to improperly gain advantage in an election, possibly a violation of Rule 8.4(g). Moseley became aware of the violations by Sloan while researching the false accusations against Christine O'Donnell, but ultimately had a professional duty under Virginia's Rule 8.3 to turn over the information to the D.C. Bar.

Jon Moseley was required to file this Complaint by Rule 8.3 of the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct, which requires attorneys to inform the relevant authority of evidence of likely misconduct. As distasteful as such an 'informant' rule may seem, and perhaps it should be repealed, it is currently the governing authority regulating the legal profession as it now stands.

Jonathon Moseley was the initial Treasurer for Christine O'Donnell's U.S. Senate campaign in Delaware in 2008, and was Christine O'Donnell's campaign manager for her primary in 2008, during which Christine O'Donnell successfully won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. O'Donnell and Moseley won the campaign that Moseley ran for O'Donnell in 2008. Moseley developed and wrote a lawsuit for O'Donnell in 2005 and advised Christine O'Donnell's private marketing business as a marketing consultant over several years with regard to writing and reviewing contracts, etc.

Jon Moseley is also serving as Initial Treasurer for a candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland for the 2012 election and Treasurer for another candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania for 2012, both of which will soon announce officially.

DUE TO SIZE, the Exhibits attached are broken up into three groups of documents:

First group of Documents:

Second group of Documents:

Third group of Documents:

Melanie Sloan on CBS News, September 17, 2010

Melanie Sloan on on CNN, September 17, 2010

Melanie Sloan on Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, September 20, 2010

Melanie Sloan on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, September 20, 2010

Melanie Sloan on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, September 21, 2010

Melanie Sloan on Rick's List on CNN, September 21, 2010

Melanie Sloan on MSNBC's Ed Schultz program, September 21, 2010

Although sworn before a Notary on June 4, 2011, Jon Moseley's Complaint against Melanie Sloan with the D.C. Bar was not actually filed until June 13, 2011.  The D.C. Bar will most likely take several weeks to review the matter and process it before starting to consider it.  The first step will probably be to forward a copy to Melanie Sloan and ask for her response.  The D.C. Bar will probably not begin to look at the Complaint until receiving Melanie Sloan's response up a month from now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Eugene Delgaudio -- Always controversial: by Jon Moseley

Meet one of the most colorful politicians in Virginia -- Eugene Delgaudio. When it comes to getting attention Delgaudio brings a rich assortment of tricks to the picture. Delgaudio is controversial -- loved by many conservatives, a walking scandal to liberals.

Delgaudio has been an elected member of the Board of Supervisors for more than a decade. He is a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to run elections. Some of Delgaudio's innovative tricks for winning elections are among the best around.

For example, after winning election, Delgaudio stood in the median strip of the busiest highway with a sign saying "THANK YOU" and bowing deeply to the voters in the traffic. This rich photograph was too good for news media to resist. So this photograph of Delgaudio appeared on the front cover of all the newspapers -- free publicity for Delgaudio's next run for re-election, of course! If it is a question of seeking publicity, Delgaudio pleads guilty.

Delgaudio takes every opportunity to be helpful in the community of Sterling. His email blasts are frequent -- but useful. Some politicians schedule an email and then try to think up a reason. Eugene Delgaudio looks for a reason first, but he notices things that most politicians miss. Fun community events, weather alerts, road construction, high school sporting events, activiites for kids, helpful hints -- things that people really care about. Voters look forward to the helpful information. And every two years they remember at the polls.

I have never seen a politician who more enthusiastically stays involved with people in the commmunity all during his term. And he has survived many attempts to kick him out of office.

Delgaudio chose a signature color: orange. Everything about his campaign is orange. He passed out orange whistles for the kiddies, and wears his signature orange hat everywhere. So far, he has not yet taken to wearing oranges clothes.

Yet curiously, the other side of Eugene Delgaudio is quote unusual, too. Unlike some of the Western Supervisors, Delgaudio isn't rich. In his day job, Eugene Delgaudio runs Public Advocate, which went from seeking the impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying about having sex with intern Monica Lewinsky to now opposing the homosexual agenda.

The respected Supervisor whom liberals can't get out of office in Loudoun, elsewhere is busy protecting the boy scouts from child pornographers and gay predators. Delgaudio does not exactly admit his activism to Loudoun voters.

Delgaudio's fund-raising and attention-getting would make Richard Viguerie proud.

Unlike the staid official Delgaudio in Loudoun County, the fund-raising and activities for Public Advocate are incendiary. Delgaudio warns about TSA agents screening passengers who had been charged with child pornography. Another post cries: "Lawless Gay Lynch Mob Breaks Firm's Legs For Boss Obama--Cripples Defense of Marriage Team In Broad Daylight"

In his curious role at Public Advocate, Delgaudio warns of homosexuals molesting underage girls and boys and possibly trafficking in child pornography with young girls and boys. Apparently it works.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama is a Muslim, say 20% of Americans in ABC News

In 2009, I wrote an article for US News and Views exploring President Barack Obama's odd behavior towards religion -- choosing to give a speech at Catholic Georgetown University, but then covering up symbols of Christ (Obama could have just spoken from the East Room of the White House); announcing overseas that America is not a Christian nation; and praising the historic role of Islam in America's history. (While Islam has played a major historic role in the world, it has played no role at all in the history of the United States, other than Muslims of Northern Africa declaring war on America when Thomas Jefferson was President, caused Jefferson to send the Marines to Tripoli.) Obama told a New York Times reporter that the Muslim call to prayer -- a screaching howl -- is one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth, and then sang it from memory with a perfect Arabic accident.

In order to try to smear conservatives like Christine O'Donnell, Mother Jones then falsely reported that I claimed Barack Obama was a "SECRET MUSLIM" -- like a secret agent skulking around in a trenchcoat with a secret decoder ring. Of course I never said any such thing. But that's the news media for you. In 2010, Christine O'Donnell's campaign cut me a check to reimburse the last of my 2008 campaign expenses for her campaign, so Mother Jones assumed I was working on her 2010 campaign, and that Christine must also think like I do. (Of course, Christine always has her own opinions about everything, and doesn't automatically buy into anyone else's views. Christine would be far more likely to debate me on anything than to agree with my opinion.)

Instead, I explored events in the news and raised questions about whether Barack Obama's experience at Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Chicago political club -- sometimes called a church -- afforded Obama with an understanding of and encounter with the real Jesus Christ. I argued that Rev. Wright focused mainly on politics and rarely if ever seemed to mention Jesus Christ as Savior. Thus, how could one expect Obama to have encountered a Jesus he never really heard about?

Now, ABC News reports that 43% of Americans don't understand Obama's religion and 20% of Americans believe that Obama is currently a Muslim. (I documented that Obama clearly was a Muslim as a child, apparently believes he has become a Christian, but clearly does not understand what it means to be a Christian.)

Despite Obama's public professions on religion and spirituality, many Americans continue to doubt the president's faith.

Nearly one in five Americans incorrectly believes that Obama is a Muslim, according to a poll by the nonpartisan Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released late last year.

The poll found the number surveyed who knew correctly that Obama is Christian actually declined, from 48 percent in March 2009 to 34 percent in August 2010. Forty-three percent of Americans now say they don't know what Obama's religion is at all.

[snip] The Obamas, once regular churchgoers, have not formally joined a new church since moving to Washington, D.C., and have publicly attended services less than a dozen times.

But sources familiar with the president's personal life in the White House say Obama remains a faithful Christian, practicing his beliefs regularly in private with family and the aid of his BlackBerry.

Of course, with all due respect to the religious power of Obama's BlackBerry, and ABC News' attempts to defend our Dear Leader, the problem is that 20% of Americans realize that there is more to becoming a Christian than simply attending church or telling the news media that one is a Christian. Jesus spent most of His ministry on Earth lambasting religious leaders for falsely believing themselves to be in good standing with God. Jesus spent most of His time challenging the legitimacy of people's inadequate encounters with God and their incomplete relationship with God.

So the religious authorities at ABC News declare that one-fifth of the country "falsely" believes that Obama is a Muslim. To ABC News, if one issues a press statement, that alone decides their religion.

ABC News, like many, have never figured out that for many religious Americans, it takes more to become a member of a religion than simply to issue a press statement. It is a common saying among many Christian groups that if you go out and sit in the garage, that does not make you a car. Sitting in a church pew does not make you a Christian, either. For many Christians, there is a more involved and elaborate process to becoming a Christian. And by their standards, Obama -- like many superficial participants in American culture -- has not yet taken that step.

As I argued in my 2009 article, which Mother Jones smeared, I hope that Obama will encounter the real Jesus Christ and complete his journey towards salvation in Jesus Christ. I compared Obama in 2009 to Abraham Lincoln in that regard.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Violations of campaign finance laws were committed NOT by Christine O'Donnell, but apparently instead by former Congressman Mike Castle, the candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware, as revealed in his Federal Election Commission campaign finance reports.

Unlike O'Donnell who was clearly a candidate for office in January 2009, Mike Castle did not file a Statement of Candidacy for the U.S. Senate until September 30, 2009, and did not have any valid campaign committee for the 2010 election cycle until October 19, 2009 (when he filed an amended Statement of Organization). Castle never created (or amended) a campaign committee for the 2010 election cycle until October 19, 2009.

As a result, none of Mike Castle's expenses from January 2009 through October 2009 would qualify as legitimate campaign expenses -- at least if we apply the Delaware Republican Party's own bizarre standards from their attacks on Christine O'Donnell. Castle's supporters of out-of-touch old guard Republican insiders set the standard while accusing O'Donnell. Should we then apply the DEGOP's own standard or not?

Starting in December 2009, the Delaware Republican Party spread rumors that Christine O'Donnell had a supposedly suspicious pattern of campaign expenses in her 2009-2010 campaign finance reports. A dossier of smears on O'Donnell raised "questions" -- that is , overtly claimed -- that Ms. O'Donnell used campaign funds for personal expenses. "The Email," February 1, 2010.

Yet O'Donnell's "pattern" was similar to Mike Castle's "pattern" of campaign spending, except that O'Donnell declared herself a candidate (technically, exploring a candidacy for office) in January 2009, whereas Mike Castle did not actually become a candidate until September 2009. (Actually, O'Donnell's pattern of campaign spending in early 2009 is more obviously proper than Castle's.)

The DEGOP's lies were based upon the falsehood that O'Donnell was not a candidate for office at the time the expenses were incurred. In fact, she undeniably was.

From January 2009 through June 2009, Mike Castle used campaign funds for:

$587.64 for food & beverage at CAFE GELATTO, paid on February 6, 2009. (Remember: Castle's Statement of Candidacy was filed October 19, 2009.)

$2,588.88 for food & beverage at the Capitol Hill Club restaurant in Washington, DC, paid between March and May 2009. Again, Castle filed his Statement of Candidacy in October 2009. The U.S. Senate campaign was up in Delaware, not in Washington, D.C. However, Castle was a Congressman in D.C., eating out in Washington, D.C. off of campaign contributions.

$245.77 at WHO'S COOKIN' for FOOD & BEVERAGE, paid on 3/27/2009

$594 at FLOWERS BY YUKIE between January and March 2009.

$219.80 at HAPPY HARRY'S on 1/14/2009

$13,499.35 in unspecified credit card charges, creating a "slush fund" for Mike Castle's expenses that are not identified on FEC reports.

$873.70 at the TIMBERLAKE restaurant down in Washington, D.C., not in Delaware where the campaign was, paid on 12/19/2008. Castle was of course a sitting Congressman at the time. However, his personal expenses for food down in Washington, D.C. should not be paid out of his campaign funds up in Delaware. Congress was in its Christmas recess on December 19, 2008. Food related to either Castle's Congressional activities or personal living in Washington, D.C. should not be paid out of campaign funds for the election up in Delaware.

$120.00 at GALLAGHER & GALLAGHER for food & beverage paid on 4/29/2009.

$1,298.67 to COMCAST cable from January 2009 through June 2009 -- again months before Mike Castle was actually a candidate.

$500 for gala tickets to the Chowder & Marching Club -- IN MARYLAND! This was not an event in Delaware.

$546.25 to AMTRAK for travel from March 2009 to May 2009 - before Castle was a candidate.

Mike Castle -- although an elected official for almost 40 years -- has somehow amassed a personal fortune worth over $3.5 million. Perhaps we've discovered part of Mike Castle's road to riches: Pocket his congressional salary, then live off of campaign donations for his personal living expenses? At least if those accusations are hurled without any foundation at O'Donnell, might we ask the same questions about Mike Castle? Or are questions about certain people off limits?

While Christine O'Donnell was clearly a candidate for U.S. Senate in January 2009, so that all of her campaign expenses are legitimate, it is Mike Castle who fails the very same test advanced by the Delaware Republican Party. The smears spread by the DEGOP were then handed to Ginger Gibson at the Delaware News Journal, who published a March 2010 hit piece smearing O'Donnell. These charges were later picked up by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington in a criminal complaint based on David Keegan's affidavit.

On March 20, 2009, O'Donnell filed a "Statement of Candidacy" for the 2010 U.S. Senate race with the Federal Election Commission. In December 2008, O'Donnell posted a message on her 2008 campaign website urging volunteers to keep their campaign signs for probable use in 2010. In January 2009, O'Donnell began informing supporters privately of her status as an exploratory candidate for the 2010 U.S. Senate race. Her campaign finance reports show trips to Washington, D.C., to meet with donors and potential supporters, as well as meetings in Delaware with potential donors and supporters.

The Statement of Candidacy is normally filed only after a person has been a candidate for a while, and exceeded a $5,000 threshold of donations or expenses. So O'Donnell was a candidate prior to March 20, 2009. Castle, however, exceeded the $5,000 donation / expenditure threshold very early in 2009, but Castle did not file his Statement of Candidacy until October 2009. Therefore, Castle did not have the intent to be a candidate until October, and from January through September 2009 was using campaign funds for personal purposes. At least, that is the very same argument used by insiders in attacking Christine O'Donnell.

The Delaware Republican Party started in December 2009 -- weeks after Karl Rove's attempts failed at co-opting the tea party movement for Mike Castle -- to circulate smears, likes, and slander against Christine O'Donnell. The "DEGOP" was obligated to remain neutral among primary candidates for the Republican nomination until the State GOP endorsing convention held March 13-14, 2010, in Rehoboth Beach. Instead, the DEGOP not only launched assaults to sabotage Christine O'Donnell to help left-wing Mike Castle (a fiscal liberal and social liberal), but did so with savage personal attacks which were lies and slander.

With this kind of dishonesty by Tom Ross and the Delaware Republican leadership, it is time to start over with a fresh team of leadership for Delaware's Republican future.

In the words of Christine O'Donnell's Accuser David Keegan

Here is the man who is lying about Christine O'Donnell in a complaint brought by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), using as a Delaware voter, Melanie Sloan's father, Leonard Seymour Togman. The Togmans are majors donor to Joe Biden and Tom Carper.

David Keegan's Facebook photograph (he has since changed its settings). David Keegan is the star "witness" being used to bring accusations against Christine O'Donnell re: her campaign's finances"

David Keegan is the star

Here is the champion of propriety IN HIS OWN WORDS

David Keegan She is only the third generation in her family to walk upright. See, apes are still evolving. Also explains that "hairy" thing.
November 3, 2010 at 3:31pm

Unfortunately, one must point out that the above is a pornographic, sexual, anatomical reference from the sleazy article in Gawker published shortly before, in the most offensive possible, crude, graphic terms. Can you imagine any male candidate, the nominee of the Republican Party in both 2008 and 2010, being referred to this way?

David Keegan Hope you don’t find this too offensive and feel free to remove it but something just occurred to my dirty mind. Regarding the allegations that Tom Ross and Mike Castle have been stalking her and hiding in her bushes: I just realized that they must have been the first men to ever get into Christine O’Donnell’s bush!.
September 4 at 12:18pm

Now, remember: This is a guy who volunteered for O"Donnell's campaign in 2008, when O'Donnell was the Republican nominee for U.S Senate. Would any normal person actually work for a candidate and then be talking about the Republican nominee's private parts? Is that a normal, well-adjusted person? A person who claims to have been working FOR the 2008 Republican nominee is talking about her sexual anatomy? It sounds rather doubtful that such a person ever supported O'Donnell for office with that kind of an attitude.

David Keegan Just a dumb b*tch with a grudge.
October 23, 2010 at 8:41am

David Keegan Who created this group? Post a more appropriate picture of the witch.
November 3, 2010 at 3:35pm

David Keegan Ding Dong the Witch is DEAD! The Wicked Witch is DEAD!!!!!!
November 2, 2010 at 8:19pm

David Keegan At the beginning of my final staff meeting with her 2008 campaign, they prayed that she would be elected " to help bring this country under Christian control". That was the last straw for me. I consider myself to be a conservative Christian but only as far as letting it guide my own conscience, not to control the lives of others. She is way, way out there. Keep the pressure on!
November 5, 2010 at 8:24am


These posts were at a Facebook Group on investigating Christine O'Donnell, but Keegan has since changed the display settings on his posts.

What do you think? Give David Keegan a call at: (302) 239-5889

David Keegan's Subdivision, where he has no visible means of support. Who is paying David Keegan for his lifestyle?

David Keegan's Subdivision, where he has no visible means of support.  Who is paying David Keegan for his lifestyle?

Who is paying for this McMansion, since David Keegan seems to have no job, as he had no job in 2008? His employment history and current employment is invisible.

Who is paying for this McMansion, since David Keegan seems to have no job, as he had no job in 2008?